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How we work with you

home loan process

Gain personalised home loan advice with simplicity and ease.

With so many stages involved, it’s normal to feel out of your comfort zone when applying for a home loan. To help you get to grips with the application process, we’ve created an easy-to-understand timeline that illustrates the basic steps involved in implementing your finance solution and strategy.

Please note that the time frames mentioned below may vary depending on the lender, valuer and/or complexity of your home loan application.

The discovery meeting

1 – 2 hours

The purpose of our first meeting is to understand your current needs and objectives, as well as your future goals. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn about potential lending strategies and structures.


Within 48 hours

Our team carries out in-depth research into the most effective finance solution for your situation. This involves determining your borrowing capacity, cash flow position and funding position, as well as identifying appropriate home loan options and comparing suitable lenders. We’ll pull these findings together into your personalised Credit Proposal Report.

The recommendation presentation

Within 24 hours

We will present you with your personalised Credit Proposal Report and discuss our recommendations with you. We will then assist in answering any burning questions to help you select the most appropriate finance solution.

Application preparation

Within 48 hours

After you’ve made the decision, we will complete the chosen lender’s application form so it’s ready for you to sign.

Application submission

Within 24 hours

Your loan application will be submitted to the lender within 24 hours of receipt of ALL required supporting documents and signed loan application. We will stay in touch with the lender over the next few days to make sure they have received everything provided by us, answer any of their initial questions and/or provide additional documentation.

Conditional Approval

5 – 7 days

Once the lender is satisfied that the information is complete and meets their initial requirements, they may issue a Conditional Approval.

At this stage, the lender may ask for additional information to assist with verifying your application, requesting a list of conditions to be met prior to issuing a Formal Approval.

This is not a guarantee that the loan will be approved, as the application will be reviewed again in light of the property valuation, credit checks and/or potentially by their Mortgage Insurance provider (if applicable).

Valuation of property

3 -5 days

With some lenders, we can speed up this process by pre-ordering the valuation. If not, once the valuation has been completed on the security property, the lender will confirm acceptance of the valuation, finalise their assessment and issue a Formal (unconditional) Approval.

Please note: Provided property access goes smoothly, the lender may require additional days to confirm receipt and acceptance of the valuation.

Formal (Unconditional) Approval

2 – 3 days

Once the lender has received any additional information they may have requested and is satisfied that your application meets their requirements, a Formal Approval will be issued.

If purchasing, we will inform your conveyancer/solicitor and send them a copy of the Formal Approval we have received from the lender.

Mortage documents

1 – 7 days

Depending on the lender, your loan and mortgage documents will be sent to you or your advisor. Once these documents are received, your mortgage advisor will assist in reviewing and answering any questions you may have prior to signing and returning to the lender.

Loan settlement

5 – 21 days

Once your loan documents are returned to the lender, your documents will be checked to ensure everything required has been returned. Once this has been confirmed, settlement is ready to be booked. We take the time to ensure a seamless settlement process. This stage is slightly different depending on your situation.

Purchasing a property?

Once the lender has advised that settlement is ready to be booked, your solicitor/conveyancer will contact the lender’s solicitor to arrange settlement.


Once the lender has advised that settlement is ready to be booked, your new lender will contact your existing lender directly to arrange settlement of your refinance.


On settlement day, funds and titles exchange hands and your loan and bank account details are set up.

Client for Life Program

Life long advice, whenever you need it

Let the celebrations begin because your finance strategy and solution has now been implemented.

As a client for life, we’re in it for the long haul, advising you every step of the way through annual reviews and loan advice for all stages of your life.